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Spooctacular Listing Of Lenders Offering Peer 2 Peer Personal Loans

The Halloween season is now upon us, but soon Christmas will be around the corner, indeed the stores are already pushing Christmas items and chopping ahead of the season. The holidays often result in people needing a personal loan for various reasons, from home renovations, gifts, holiday vacations, even debt consolidation. There are a variety of online personal loan providers, but finding a reputable online lender that provides unsecured loans at a fixed interest rate with fixed monthly payments can be a challenge for anyone.

To give our readers the best advantage when shopping around for a personal loan, here is our Spooktacular list of the best personal financial loans for the holidays, do not let the witch of bad interest rates or the Grinch of fee’s get you this holiday season.

pumkins offers one of the lowest fixed rate personal loans in the industry. Many people take advantage of this to pay off their high interest debt with one low rate fixed loan. The APR can be as low as 6.78& APR for those with excellent credit and as high as 29.99% for those with bad credit. You can borrow as little as $1000 and as high as $35,000 dollars, and you can borrow for any reason, from credit card refinancing to Medical expenses or personal loans. Checking to see what rate they offer you will not affect your credit score. This lender cut the costs and complexities of traditional bank loans and passes the savings on to you. They are one of the top online lenders, and Lending Club has facilitated $5,040,158,840 in loans as of 06/30/2014. Loans are funded through private investors looking to diversify their portfolios and help people with debt. is Americas first peer to peer lending marketplace, but has lost its place as the number one lender, but prosper offers consumers a lot. They have invested over $1 billion dollars to people looking for small loans for a variety of reasons and like these loans are funded through private investors. You can borrow as little as $2000 and as high as $35,000 dollars, for any reason. APR is as low as 6.73% for those with excellent credit and as high as 35.36% for those with less than perfect credit. The max loan term for this company is 60 months, which is ample time to repay most loans. No teaser rates or hidden fees with these loan offers.

One Main Financial
This company offers the lowest interest rates to those with perfect credit, as low as 4.99% APR, with a max loan duration of 36 months or three years. The entire application process takes 5 minutes and funding comes through in as little as 24 hours direct to your checking account. This company offers fair rates for loans and is by no means a payday loan company. Lenders in this network compete to offer people loans and interest rates, so you stand the chance to get the best rates available for your credit rating. The only requirements are that you have Fair or Better Credit, and an income of at least $2000 monthly and have held the same job and residence for at least 3 months.

Money Today Loans
This lender is on our list due to treating those with less than perfect credit borrowers with respect and fair rates. You can get a loan through Money today with a credit score as low as 300, although the best APR of 4.99% is reserved for those with good credit, you will still get a fair rate, much better than you would get through a payday loan provider. Loan amounts range from $100 to $10,000. Even with bad credit, no credit or past financial struggles, you can still qualify and applying takes only minutes of your time. The best interest rates offered are for loans with a larger amount over a longer repayment period versus a low amount loan over a short loan repayment period.

Chase offers the longest repayment period, up to 72 months or 6 years. Interest rates are as low as 6% for those with excellent credit. You can obtain a loan with only bad credit however, although your rates will be higher, as high as 35% if you have bad credit, and the low 20’s with fair credit, low teens with good credit. You can borrow from $500 to $35,000 dollars through Chase They also strive to offer you the most user friendly experience possible, the site and application process is streamlined and fast. Interest rates are far better than payday loan providers, even at 36% interest which is the highest interest rate you would get with this company. For example a $4000 loan with an APR of 36% over 24 months would have a monthly payment of only $236.18 for a total loan amount of $5668.55
This online lender is ideal if you perhaps want to pay your loan off early, as there is no early repayment fees. There are also no set up fees involved. Loan amounts range from $1000 to $20,000, and the loan process does not involve having to fax over any documents. The entire loan application process is streamlined and takes mere minutes to perform. They strive to offer flexible loan amounts and loan terms to fit your needs. If you are looking to rebuild your credit this loan offer is for you than, as they work with customers with less than perfect credit and on time payments will help you rebuild your credit score. Checking to see what offer you might receive will not affect your FICO credit score. All you need to receive an offer is your full name, address information, income information and your social security number.

These are some of the best providers out there for online personal loans. As always do shop around and do read the fine print of any offer you may receive. Most of these lending networks lenders are competing for your business, so these lenders tend to offer the best rates for your available credit score.

When Do Consumers Benefit Most From Using Home Equity For Financing

Making Sense With Your Dollars And Cents!
Today’s consumer has quite the course to navigate. With raising APRs, so-so interest rates, plummeting and mediocre home values, financially speaking consumers are navigating a mine field. However amongst all the financial pandemonium there is an oasis, homeowners can successfully utilize home equity values to assist in the improvement of their financial condition, as they are generally a better lending option versus personal loans, borrowing against a 401k, credit card advances or other lending alternatives. . The key is to act wisely; then develop and administer a strategic plan.

First determine if this step is truly necessary. Is it for a specific large expenditure or to clean up unsecured debt? Analyze your financial state, how it occurred, then set a goal. Doing this will aid in reaping the ultimate benefits from any home equity extraction. If you aren’t prepared to amend spending habits you will quickly find yourself right back where you are now, thus nullifying any benefit derived from the home equity withdrawal and with less equity to draw upon should it later become necessary.

With that said home equity loans can provide an effective way of stabilizing one’s financial condition
. Loan rates can be found as low as 2.99% for the consumer sporting a great FICO rating. An interest rate far more desirable than any credit card’s APR that is currently being paid; which can start around 10.99% and skyrocket well into the high 20s. Additionally cleaning up current financial quandaries via a home equity loan can also result in taking a sagging FICO rating and propelling it into the higher echelons of credit scoring. Definitely a benefit well worth considering. Moreover some consumers engage the home equity loan process to improve on their homes. Simple yet an excellent multifaceted benefit. The home improvement will result in an upgraded living space plus an increased home value (i.e. elevated equity).

Another consideration is the tax deduction that may be available for some homeowners. Be sure to check with a professional in regards to taking advantage of this benefit. One of the largest benefits awaiting the consumer that clears through debt with a home equity loan is establishing a debt-free lifestyle. Restraint must be employed and discipline expended because what may be the greatest benefit can also be the most tenuous. As mentioned early, be prepared to transform spending habits because the last thing that is desired is more unsecured debt.

Count the cost! Weigh the benefits and honestly determine if you are a suitable candidate for a home equity loan or line of credit. When the benefits outweigh the detriments proceed with research, vigilance, and advisement. Consumers benefit most when using home equity for financing once they have first done the homework. Once completed, reap the benefits!