Points Credit Cards Can Help With Conserving Cash

There is an outstanding offer right now for American Express, the American Express Gold Charge Card, of which gives you 25,000 membership rewards points as a sign up offer. Any Amex card only allows you to get a sign up bonus only once on each American Express card once per person. This is not the greatest American Express card versions om the market, but the rewards bonus makes it worth looking into. You can always start out with this Amex card, and then upgrade down the line. Lets examine this credit card offer.

American Express Gold Charge Card

This is similar but weaker than the Premier Rewards Gold card by American Express. This card is offering you 25,000 points as long as you spend $1000 on your new card within 90 days of opening the card. These points can be used at over 500 brands, from travel to gift cards to merchandise and even entertainment. There is normally a annual fee of $160 a year which is kind of steep, but for the first year this fee is waived, so you can always apply and shut this card down on month 12 to avoid this fee the next year, and still take advantage of this amazing offer. Most rewards programs that offer this many points require you to spend anywhere from $3000 to $5000 or more in 90 days, while this offer only requires you to spend $1000, so kind of an amazing offer here. The low threshold to qualify for the rewards points in my opinion makes this card and offer worth going for. You earn 1 point on most purchases, and you earn 2x the points on any flights which you book direct through an airline, as well as at U.S Restaurants. There are some I got you’s with the x2 points on restaurants, for example a restaurant in a hotel will not qualify, nor would a restaurant within a mall qualify.

This is a charge card however, not a credit card. The difference being is that you are expected to pay your balance off in full each month. Amex may at their option extend payment over time on some charges, if you qualify for their Pay Over Time feature(s). If you do qualify for their Pay Over Time features, you will be then subject to interest, and that rate will depend on your credit score and Amex. This card has no preset spending limits, but Amex can limit your purchase power on a number of factors, including income known to Amex, past charge card usage and payment history.

The card comes with a number of benefits, including personalized travel service, return protection on eligible purchases made with your Amex card. The return protection means that the merchant must honor a product return if the card was used to purchase the product, even if the store normally has a no return and no exchange policy. You also qualify for 24/7 roadside assistance, where a tow operator or locksmith will be sent to assist in an emergency situation. You can even redeem your points for good on Amazon.com, as long as you sign up for their Shop With Points program. If you have at least 2000 points gathered, you can redeem your points at Ticketmaster for a free ticket to an event, point values and redemption levels however will vary according to the nature of the event and the venue. There are many more benefits to this card, such as baggage insurance, car rental loss and damage insurance, extended warranties, travel accident insurance and more.

All around this is a good card to have, as long as you do not mind the $160 annual fee that kicks in on year 2 of owning the card. If you do not yet have an Amex card, this could be a good card to get started with on your path to Amex card ownership. Do well with your payments, then on year two, call Amex and ask for one of their better cards.

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